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Ecological safety is an essential part of the country’s national security and is a mandatory prerequisite for conservation of natural systems and sustenance of environmental quality.


Kyrgyz legislation contains provisions governing relations on the environmental protection and the rational use of natural resources. They are as follows:

  • Law “On Environment Protection” dated 16 June 1999;
  • Law “On Protection of Atmospheric Air” dated 12 June 1999;
  • Law “On Environmental Impact Review” dated 16 June 1999;
  • Law “On Specially Protected Natural Areas” dated 3 May 2011;
  • Law “On Biosphere Areas in Kyrgyz Republic” dated 9 June 1999;
  • Law “On Radiation Safety of Kyrgyz Population” dated 17 June 1999;
  • Other normative legal acts that establish a legal basis for the protection of the environment and its components;
  • Special requirements on ecological safety for the protection of atmospheric air, water objects, species of fauna and flora, soil and natural landscapes, as well as for the disposal of the production and consumption waste are set forth in the Law “General Technical Regulations to Ensure Ecological Safety in Kyrgyz Republic” dated 8 May 2009.

Kyrgyz Republic is getting more actively involved in the world community activity aimed at restraining global environmental threats including the process of the unification efforts of states. Since 2007, Kyrgyz Republic has acceded to 11 international environmental conventions and 3 protocols to them.[1]   

Currently, the public authority in charge of environmental protection, ecological security and nature management policy is the State Agency for Environment Protection and Forestry under the Government of Kyrgyz Republic (the Agency).[2] 

The public authority responsible for state supervision and control over environmental and technical safety is the  State Inspection Office for Environmental and Technical Safety under the Government of Kyrgyz Republic (SIETS)[3].

Environmental Impact Review

According to the legislation of Kyrgyz Republic, business entities’ projects related to the use of natural resources are subject to environmental impact review.[4] This requirement has been introduced to prevent negative consequences for public health and the environment that may be caused by business and other activities. In addition, the adequacy of planned activities has to be assessed at stages preceding decisions on compliance with legislation on the environmental protection of Kyrgyz Republic.

The following two types of environmental impact review are performed in Kyrgyz Republic: a state review of environmental impact and a public review of environmental impact. It is prohibited to fund and implement projects related to the use of natural resources if they have not undergone a state review of their environmental impact. 

In the course of designing, placing, constructing, reconstructing, re-equipping, and clearing objects and activities that may directly or indirectly influence the environment for operation, steps for protection, rational use, replenishment of natural resources and environmental enhancement have to be taken subject to the environmental norms, and impact of the planned activities upon the environment has to be assessed. 

Environmental Standardization and Certification 

Products/processes/services produced in Kyrgyz Republic or imported into its territory that are potentially threatening environmental safety, people’s health or lives, or the replenishment and rational use of natural resources are subject to environmental standardization and certification. The Government of Kyrgyz Republic approves a list of such products.

Environmental Impact Audit

To prevent and restrain violations of environment legislation and assess the prospective risk of pollution as a result of a company’s previous activities, independent experts may provide an environmental impact audit for the purpose of the company’s self-testing. Legal entities interested in an environmental impact audit perform it using their own funds or funds raised subject to the procedure provided by legislation. 

[1] Concept paper on ecological safety of Kyrgyz Republic approved by Kyrgyz Republic Presidential Edict No. 506: dated November 23, 2007.

[2] Regulations on the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry under the Government of Kyrgyz Republic approved by Governmental Resolution No. 123 dated February 20, 2012.  

[3] Regulation on State Inspection Office for Environmental and Technical Safety under the Government of Kyrgyz Republic N 136, dated February 20, 2012.

[4] The Law of Kyrgyz Republic “On Environmental Impact Review”, No. 54, dated June 16, 1999 (with the latest amendments of May 4, 2015 No. 92).