Investor’s guide


Investment visa (type I)

According to the new instruction about an order of registration and issue of visas of the Kyrgyz Republic of March 15, 2017 the new, simplified order of obtaining the investment visa is in effect.

The investment visa (type I) is issued to investors or heads of foreign investment company and members of his family (spouse, minor children and parents who are in dependence) who is performing investment activities in the Kyrgyz Republic and submitted the necessary supporting documents certifying a contribution to economy of the Kyrgyz Republic of its monetary and material values equivalent to the amount of 10 (ten) mln. KGS within 3 (three) years in the following areas:

  • Production;
  • Industry;
  • Agricultural industry;
  • Banking;
  • Power systems;
  • Education;
  • Medicine;
  • Construction purposes;
  • Information and communication technologies.

The investment visa grants the foreign investor the right to freely leave and enter the country and move within the country. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic determines the term. Purpose of the stay in Kyrgyz Republic is development and management of own business, and participation in tenders, auctions.

The investment visa (type I) is issued to foreign citizens based on application to The State Agency for Investment and Export Promotion under the Ministry of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Investment Promotion and Protection Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic is the authorized body for attracting foreign direct investments into the country’s economy, as well as providing support to potential and existing investors.

Family Visa

The family visa of category F can be issued to applicant’s family members (spouse, dependent children and parents) staying in Kyrgyz Republic with visas of investment category I, labor category W1 and W2, educational category S for up to 1 year with a possibility of annual prolongation and without the right to work.

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