Investor’s guide

Investment visa is issued to investors or head of foreign companies who have invested in the Kyrgyz Republic and have submitted the necessary supporting documents certifying their investment activities in the Kyrgyz Republic valued at 10 million KGS within the last three years in the following sectors of the economy:

–         Industry;

–         Manufacturing;

–         Agriculture;

–         Banking;

–         Energetics;

–         Education;

–         Medicine;

–         Construction purposes;

–         Information and communication technologies.

Investment Visa is petitioned through the State Investment Promotion and Protection Agency under the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Kyrgyz republic.

Review of the Application takes – 16 working days.

List of required documents to be presented for consideration:

1) the applicant’s cover letter on a company letterhead and a legal address of the business, also the cover letter must contain the following information:

– full details of the legal entity;

– the scope of the legal entity (brief description with the history of its origin);

– goals and objectives in accordance with the constituent documents;

– positive feedback on the results achieved in their field of activity;

– information on the need to obtain an investment visa for a foreign citizen;

– passport details of the applicant;

– guarantee of providing reliable information.

2) notarized copies of constituent documents (company charter, constituent agreement, decision – making protocols, certificate of state registration);

3) copies of licenses and their attachments with a corporate seal on each page;

4) copies of the company’s permits to employ foreign labor and work permits of the foreign employees with a company seal on each page (if the applicant is a foreigner who is a member of the company’s management team and is working in the Kyrgyz Republic);

5) document from the State Tax Inspection and the Social Fund certifying the absence of debts of the applicant organization;

6) a certificate from the Tax Inspection on tax deductions (for the last year);

7) copy (notarized with an official translation into Russian) of the passport of the foreigner who applying for the investment visa;

8) balance sheets for the last 3 (three) years with a corporate seal on each page (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, statement of changes in equity);

9) copy of the previously obtained investment visa;

10) color photo of applicant, in size 3×4 cm – 1 pc;

11) power of attorney from the applicant, copy of the passport of the authorized person;

12) other documents required to confirm the fact of investment activities by the applicant.

For information purposes, we inform that citizens of foreign countries also have the opportunity to obtain entry-exit tourist or business visas of the Kyrgyz Republic for up to 90 days through the “Electronic visa” system available at the following link

Contacts: +996(312) 300 148