About IPPA

About IPPA – Our Services

Agency can provide a variety of services and an extensive network to help foreign companies establish and run their business in the Kyrgyz Republic.

We are your first point of contact, your one-stop shop, and we can provide information, assess your opportunities, connect you to relevant networks and facilitate investment processes.

Serving as a unique center for knowledge and services, we provide individually developed solutions for foreign companies, who consider establishing business and research activities in the Kyrgyz Republic.

We provide our services free of charge and in pure confidentiality.

We are focused on industries like Tourism, Light and Agro-industrial sectors, Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Renewable energy sources, where the Kyrgyz Republic holds proven competitive global strengths.

Add to those an excellent geographical location with rapidly developing economy and the Kyrgyz Republic is your ideal gateway for your Central Asian activities.

Our services and solutions include:

  • Custom-made solutions for locating your project, business or research activities in the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • Information and analyses relevant to establishing business activities in the Kyrgyz Republic, including strategic strengths, business climate, investment incentives, business costs and location factors, such as distribution, work environment and human resources;
  • Facilitating contacts and networks with potential partners, public authorities and research institutions;
  • Planning customized fact-finding tours;
  • Practical assistance in setting up your operations in the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • Selected post-establishment programs to assist in flourishing your business once you are here.