About IPPA

About IPPA – Our Mission

Our mission is to attract and retain foreign direct investment that is of strategic importance to the economic development of Kyrgyz Republic. In all our services, we apply the following core values: passion, integrity, professionalism, customer service, business friendliness and responsiveness. We offer free advice and services to support companies from the planning stage right through to the launch and expansion of their business.

Key Points of our Mission

  • Improve the investment climate of Kyrgyz Republic and build confidence through long-term, fruitful partnership with international investors;
  • The Agency participates in the development and implementation of measures to stimulate investment activity to increase the investment attractiveness of the country;
  • It provides interaction of state bodies, local authorities, the business community, and the private sector in the implementation of investment projects and programs in public-private partnerships (PPP) and private investment in Kyrgyz Republic through its PPP Unit;
  • In addition, the Agency participates in the development of national infrastructure projects and investment programs, as well as promotes the diversification of the economy through the creation of favorable conditions for attracting investment in the priority sectors of the economy;
  • Development of international and inter-regional foreign economic relations to attract investment is also one of the agency’s priorities.