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Liberal legislation

Liberal legislation:

  • Most favoured nation treatment regime
  • Equal conditions for activity of foreign and local companies
  • Right of access of the investors to international arbitrage
  • Guarantees of export or repatriation of investments, property and information outside the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Guarantees of protection from expropriation of investments and compensation of losses to the investors
  • Freedom of monetary operations, etc.
  • Wide protection of foreign investors rights by law on investments of the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Access to all sectors of economics
  • Participation in privatization, purchase of shares and securities of Kyrgyz companies
  • Opportunities of wide cooperation with the state under the law on state and private partnership in the Kyrgyz Republic, guarantees of profit and fiscal preferences under the creation and operation of the state objects
  • Freedom of choice for form and objects of investments