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Investment Road Show of the Kyrgyz Republic

Investment Road Show of the Kyrgyz Republic

On April 20-21, 2017 in Jinhua (People's Republic of China), the State Agency for Investment and Export Promotion organized an investment road show for presentation potential of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The purpose of the road show is to present investment opportunities of the country and investment projects for their further implementation on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. The road show serves as an innovative format for attracting investments, due to necessity to establish contacts and increase interest of target audience, which interested in entering the Kyrgyz market.

This is the first time this event has been held and it has importance for presenting investment projects and business opportunities, as well as for business communication and establishing contacts with potential investors.

The city of Jinhua has been chosen as the venue for the road show, because TMAI Investment Holding Co., LTD, which invests in the construction of a bimetallic aluminum radiator plant, is located in Jinhua City.

Brief information about Jinhua City:

The city gained rapid development due to the advantages revealed in the course of 30 years after the reforms of openness conducted in the country. Production of auto parts, passenger buses, etc. is concentrated in the city. The pharmaceutical industry, which is specifically supported by the Jinhua Municipal Government, has developed greatly. There are 5 out of 8 types of medicinal plants using in traditional Chinese medicine grow in the city. The city is also developing through open foreign trade. Evidence of open foreign trade is opening of the freight rail route with a total length of 13 thousand km. from Iwu city to the countries of Europe. The second direction of development is the well-established Internet trade; GDP of Internet trade reaches 300 billion yuan.

During the investment road show, Agency showed presentations about the Kyrgyz Republic and investment opportunities of textile and light industry, manufacturing industry, information technologies and pharmacy. On the second day of the road show, several meetings were organized between entrepreneurs of Jinhua City and Deputy Director of the Agency Adilbek uulu Sh.  Mr.Adilbek uulu Sh. answered all questions concerning the conditions for doing business in the Kyrgyz Republic.

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