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The relatively small size of the country makes travel within it easy. A flight from the north to the south of the country lasts about one hour.  


The total length of roads in the Kyrgyz Republic is 34,000 km, including 18,810 km for general use roads maintained by the road units of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Transport and Communications and 15,190 km roads of cities, villages, agricultural, industrial and other enterprises.


The Kyrgyz Republic has signed bilateral interstate agreements on international road communications with 19 states, among which are all the CIS countries as well as Germany, Iran, China, Latvia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Poland, and Turkey.[1] 


The railway transportation system of the Kyrgyz Republic is fairly well developed. This is explained by the mountainous relief of the country. At the same time, the country has a reasonably good transit capacity.  


[1]   http://www.mtc.gov.kg